Aira Access

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Thomas Bluestein
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blind person using the aira access app to navigate the grocery store

Live Visual Interpreting 

Aira offers live, on-demand visual interpretation and navigation support to individuals with vision impairments giving them the confidence to navigate their surroundings independently. The service can be accessed 24/7/365 on all Mason campuses. It is also available to students taking classes remotely.

How it works

Aira uses the built-in camera on your smartphone to show the Aria agent your surroundings in real-time. The agent will talk through the app and assist the user by interpreting the surroundings and helping with whatever task is needed. The user can be helped with navigating, reading, grocery shopping, virtually anything. 

Aira is easy to use and can be accessed by anyone with a smartphone. The app has a built in screen reader that will help the user navigate the app. There is a large button in the center, when pushed will call an Aria Agent. The camera will automatically be turned on when the call is made.

Visit the Aira Access website opens a new window to learn more about the service.

How to get access to Aira

Aira Access is free to all members of the Mason community who have visual impairments. It is available for use on all Mason campuses, as well as those students taking classes remotely. To request an account, please contact the ATI Main Office at