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Q: How can I receive ATI services?

    A: Anyone in the Mason community (with or without documentation) can visit the ATI office to see the technology offered on campus. If you are an employee with a documented disability, you will need to contact the ADA Coordinator to discuss your needs. You will be referred to the ATI if assistive technology services are needed. If you are a student with a documented disability who needs a classroom accommodation, you need to register with the ODS to receive ATI services. The ADA Coordinator can be reached at the Compliance, Diversity and Ethics office at 703-993-8730 and ODS can be reached at 703-993-2474.

Q: Where is accessible parking located?

    A: Students & Staff- All student and faculty parking lots have marked accessible parking and additional parking throughout campus. The campus access map and the Parking Services map identify those locations.

    Visitors- All visitor parking is located in the parking decks or the metered lots. Marked accessible parking can be found in those locations. Van-accessible parking is located on York River Road adjacent to the Sandy Creek Parking Deck. The campus access map and Parking Services map identify those locations.

Q: How can I request a housing accommodation?

    A: Students requesting housing accommodations need to register with the ODS (Office of Disability Services). The ODS determines all reasonable accommodations for housing. Visit Housing Accommodation for more information and to fill out the request form. Students are still required to complete any application for the Office of Housing and Residential Life (OHRL).

Q: Where are the Assistive Technology labs located on each Mason campus?

    A: Assistive technology (AT) equipment and software applications are available to library patrons on Mason's Fairfax, Prince William, and Arlington Campuses. AT labs are locked for security purposes and are only for patrons requiring accommodations to access library materials and services. Please ask a library worker for assistance in entering the AT lab. Visit AT Lab Information for campus specific locations and information.

Q: How can I tell if a web page or document is accessible to an individual with a disability?

Q: How do I receive services at the other campuses?

    A: Any student taking classes at Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington or Fairfax may contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) on the Fairfax campus (703-993-2474) to schedule an appointment. The staff will coordinate services and accommodations for all campuses.

Q: Who can I call to fix an accessible door or an elevator that is not working?

    A: Call Facilities Work Control at 703-993-2525. You may also contact the ADA Coordinator at 703-993-8730.

Q: How do I receive an accommodation for a program or event on campus?

    A: Contact the program or event sponsor. For example, if the program is a concert in the Center for the Arts, contact the Center for the Arts with your request. You can also contact the ADA Coordinator in the CDE office with questions about finding accommodations for events.

Q: How can I request a sign language interpreter?

    A: If you are a current student, faculty, staff or visitor, you may contact the ODS by e-mail at ods@gmu.edu, or phone, 703-993-3601, to request services.

Q: I am a faculty member, and a student has asked for an accommodation. How should I advise my student?

    A: Please advise the student to contact ODS. The ODS staff will help coordinate services and accommodations for the student in the classroom.

Q: Where can I find information about emergency procedures on campus?

    A: Visit the Emergency Evacuation link at the top of this page for information on emergency preparation and resources.

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